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Vail Lake Rally – March 30-April 1


The April Rally was held at the Vail Lake RV Resort, which is about 9 miles East of Temecula on SR 79. Those attending were Bob and Cathy Adams, Gerry and Sandra Bangert, Steve and Jane Carmichael, Don and Betty Conner, Dale and Susan Cram, Rob Michler, Bob and Jan Roybal, Bob and ElDoris Smith, Larry and Clara Spence [our Hosts], Phil and Lynda Terhorst, Gary and Jane Weber, and Scott and Louise Weddle.

Almost everyone was able to arrive at the campground before the Friday happy hour. Our worker bees, the Crams, arrived about 9:15 PM. The Weddles had the opportunity to baby sit two of their grandchildren for part of the weekend while their daughter was having emergency surgery. The children went home on Saturday afternoon. We were blessed by great weather all weekend – cool and clear. Happy Hour began around 4:30 PM and lasted until after dark.

On Saturday morning, our day began at 9:00 AM with scrambled eggs mixed with red and green peppers, sausages, and potato patties with coffee and juice. The breakfast was prepared by Rob Michler, with his usual flair. As we caught up on each of others last month activities we had to decide how we would spend the day. Some went off wine tasting, some had to spend time on work that they brought with them, and some just took the time to recover from the past weeks work. We gathered again for Happy Hour in the late afternoon and then had supper. The Happy Hour menu had many snacks and wine to mellow us even further but with the added component of a campfire to keep us warm. As usual, wherever Betty happens to sit, the smoke drifted in her direction. Our supper was pulled pork barbeque, two salads, and several desserts As we finished supper, some of us retired to our rigs to avoid the cool outdoors and others chose to join the group around the campfire to end the day.

On Sunday morning, the gathering for breakfast began at some time after 8:00 AM. Your Corresponding Secretaries had to leave before breakfast due to a commitment to sing at our home church for the Palm Sunday service. As a result, what was available for breakfast is unknown to us. We assume that some of last evenings dessert surplus was set out for us to go with our coffee and orange juice. After breakfast and conversation, we all had to dump, pack up, hook up, and drive home to get ready for the following week.

All of us that were able to attend want to thank Larry and Clara for their efforts in hosting this rally and to Rob for his assistance in providing breakfast for us. We all had a great time relaxing away from home and look forward to next month’s rally in Palm Desert.

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