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Photos from our January rally – Escondido

Sandra Bangert, Phil Terhorst, Lynda Terhorst, Louise Weddle, Rob Michler (rear)

Dale and Susan Cram

President Scott Weddle, Gerry Bangert

Bob Stansbury (Region 12 VP), Cecelia Stansbury, Betty Conner, Susan Cram, Jane Weber, Louise Weddle, Rob Michler, Sandra Bangert

 Jane Weber, Maureen Ball, Dale Cram, Susan Cram, President Scott Weddle, plus others…

Betty Conner, Jane Weber, Rob Michler,  Sandra Bangert, Gerry Bangert, Judy Bechthold ((Region 12 President), Ken Bechthold, Don Conner

Gerry Bangert and friend

Louise Weddle, Jane Weber

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The schedule for 2013 has been posted!

Dates and locations can be found by clicking on the Schedule for 2013 link on the left.  We hope to see you there!

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